When it’s Time to Update Your Corporate Portraits

Bad profile pics – we’ve seen them all! The “overhead puppy eyes” shot. The “I’ll just crop myself out of this photo with my ex” shot. The “I don’t like how I look so I’ll use this photo of me from really far away” shot. The “this photo is super old and pixelated” shot. And the “I’m uncomfortable in my … Read More

Headshots… Vertical, Horizontal, or Square?

I shoot a lot of professional portraits for all types of professionals, ranging from tech minds and wealth advisors through to dancers and scientists. Every company is unique, so every photo shoot we plan is designed to meet the individual clients’ specific vision.  We give styling and photo prep guidance, execute the photo shoot, select final images, and then we … Read More

10 Reasons Your Company Needs Cohesive Staff Headshots

1. Headshots feature the real people behind your company. Companies that display ZERO photos of their team can often come off as distant and abstract. Showing the real people behind your business… through the use of staff headshots and team photos.. allows your clients to develop a trusting connection with your team before even meeting in person. 2. Give your … Read More

Meet Doug Heck, a Woodturner in Central Maryland

Many of you know my Dad, Doug Heck, and that he’s been woodturning for many years. It quickly became a hobby-addiction of his when my grandfather (his father-in-law) gave him his first lathe… (and fun side note, my Dad has given my husband (his son-in-law) a lathe recently, and the addiction trend continues!) You can check him out and follow … Read More

Don’t be the Photo Client who Needs it Yesterday

The other day, I had a phone consult with an inquiry that was like many other conversations I have had… Client: “I need a headshot… do you have any openings today or tomorrow?” I have noticed a strong correlation between timeline and budget. That is, one’s budget is dramatically lower when the service or product is needed “yesterday“. When an … Read More

Happy Valentines Day

He’s just 5 weeks away guys! Happy Valentine’s Day to my boys, and to you! Work has slowed, and is now on the back-burner as we approach the finish line. You can expect things here at www.KellyHeckPhotography.com to be a little quiet for the coming months. But I’ll be back this Summer! I got to spend my V-day with not … Read More

Meet the Team at Girls On The Run of Central Maryland

Girls on the Run® of Central Maryland is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. And meeting the team behind the organization was such a treat! These women are full of spunk and joy and fun – so much so I … Read More

Big News in a Little Package

Many of you know our latest news, but for those that have missed the announcements, we have a little surprise baking away… Meet Charles Leroy Stultz, pre-introduction to our world! Charlie, as we will nickname him, has already made a huge splash in our lives! My office was turned into the nursery and we have loads of baby products replacing … Read More

Hi Kelly, I want to buy a new camera… can you advise?

This is a repeat question I receive from friends and family, but it’s a hard one for me to answer. I work with professional camera bodies that alone cost several thousand dollars, and individual lenses that can each climb well above $1,000 each. Most likely, that is not the level of camera that you are in the market for! So … Read More

Why Some Headshots Fail & Others Succeed

As a professional, you need a headshot. A decent headshot may help get you get noticed. A professional quality headshot though, that might just help you be remembered. What impression do you want your headshot to have on… a potential employer… a possible partner… a colleague? A headshot taken by a professional puts you in an ideal position to stand … Read More

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