Kitchen Remodel by Lindsay Stetson of Westminster Design Center | Kelly Heck Photography
Lindsay Stetson

I always use Kelly when I need professional photos taken and I never regret it! She really takes the time to make sure she captures exactly what I have in mind and her shots always come out beautifully. I find her format for quoting and invoicing to be extremely easy to use and transparent so there are no “hidden fees”. … Read More

Canvas Rebel Meet Kelly Heck
Kelly Heck is featured on

I was interviewed by Canvas Rebel this Fall and I’m featured on their website at I answer questions like: You can read my full interview “Meet Kelly Heck” at:

Kristin G

I presented Kelly with an opportunity when I had a session booked and my photographer fell through. Not only did Kelly come through to make one of my wildest dream come true, but she also made the experience that much better. Her eye for lighting and her excitement are highlighted in the magic that she captured. I would recommend Kelly … Read More

Liz Oxendine

Kelly was a pleasure to work with! She did Headshots and Candid photos for our companies two locations. Kelly was prompt, professional and made everyone…including our most camera shy folks feel comfortable. We will definitely be working with her in the future and I highly recommend her for any photo needs you have.

Miss Kim Golliday of Taneytown Dance Center | Photo by Kelly Heck Photography
Kim Golliday

The whole experience with Kelly Heck is such a pleasure. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera and captures your true, authentic self! She has such a unique gift to create beautiful memories and moments. I cannot thank her enough for such a wonderful experience. I use her frequently both personally, and for all of my … Read More

What it’s like being a new mom and jumping back into work.

WOOF! Being a Mom is hard work. As if every parent in the world didn’t already know. Charlie is quickly approaching 5-months old already, and even though I’ve been around the sun 36 times, I feel like Charlie has been a part of our lives forever. So here’s how some things are going – and my thoughts are as scatter … Read More

Jessica Walter of Biglerville, PA - portrait by Kelly Heck Photography
Jessica Walter

Such a wonderful experience and excellent photos! Kelly knows so many tips and tricks to make sure the brand I wanted to portray was coming through. She’s also a joy to work with! I felt like I was hanging out with a friend I’ve known for years.

MSK&H Accounting Firm Headshots

There’s nothing like a fresh set of cohesive headshots to make a team feel like… wel, a real team! I love these classic headshots of the MSK&H CPAs & Business Consultants. They have offices in Frederick and Timonium. You know what I love about jobs like these? While I’m photographing other members of the team, I overhear team members talking … Read More

Kelly Heck featured on Starter Story at
Kelly Heck Photography is featured on

I’m late to share, but I was interviewed by Starter Story late last year and I’m featured on their website at I answer questions like: What’s your backstory and how did you get into entrepreneurship? Take us through your entrepreneurial journey. How did you go from day 1 to today? How are you doing today and what does the … Read More

When it's Time to Update Your Corporate Portraits by Kelly Heck Photogtaphy
When it’s Time to Update Your Corporate Portraits

Bad profile pics – we’ve seen them all! The “overhead puppy eyes” shot. The “I’ll just crop myself out of this photo with my ex” shot. The “I don’t like how I look so I’ll use this photo of me from really far away” shot. The “this photo is super old and pixelated” shot. And the “I’m uncomfortable in my … Read More

Kairos Wealth Advisors of Raymond James in Westminster, Maryland | | Helping to bring clarity and balance to successful families through comprehensive wealth planning. Kelly Heck Photography
Kairos Wealth Advisors welcomes me back…

I met the Kairos Wealth Advisors team last year, and was thrilled to be back for round two. KWA had some team changes and wanted to update their imagery for their website, social media, and print marketing.

Headshots... Vertical, Horizontal, or Square? by Kelly Heck Photography
Headshots… Vertical, Horizontal, or Square?

I shoot a lot of professional portraits for all types of professionals, ranging from tech minds and wealth advisors through to dancers and scientists. Every company is unique, so every photo shoot we plan is designed to meet the individual clients’ specific vision.  We give styling and photo prep guidance, execute the photo shoot, select final images, and then we … Read More

10 Reason Your Company Needs Cohesive Staff Headshots by Kelly Heck Photography
10 Reasons Your Company Needs Cohesive Staff Headshots

1. Headshots feature the real people behind your company. Companies that display ZERO photos of their team can often come off as distant and abstract. Showing the real people behind your business… through the use of staff headshots and team photos.. allows your clients to develop a trusting connection with your team before even meeting in person. 2. Give your … Read More

Headshots for Large Teams – From Planning to Completion by Kelly Heck Photography
Headshots for Large Teams – From Planning to Completion

While most teams hover between 5 to 20 individuals, larger teams do need a bit more planning and attention. What does your typical headshot session look like from the beginning planning stages, through photo day, and on to final file delivery? Here I will walk you through my unique process at Kelly Heck Photography, and I will add helpful notes … Read More

Douglas Heck - Woodturner in Taneytown, Maryland | | Handmade in the USA | Photos by Kelly Heck Photography
Meet Doug Heck, a Woodturner in Central Maryland

Many of you know my Dad, Doug Heck, and that he’s been woodturning for many years. It quickly became a hobby-addiction of his when my grandfather (his father-in-law) gave him his first lathe… (and fun side note, my Dad has given my husband (his son-in-law) a lathe recently, and the addiction trend continues!) You can check him out and follow … Read More

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