Leadership Carroll Class 2024 Retreat

I am a proud 2011 Leadership Carroll graduate. In fact, one of my fellow graduates, same year, is current Carroll County Chamber of Commerce President Mike McMullin.

I used to be crazy involved in the Chamber… not only did I attend most of the networking events, but over the years I also served on two Committees (the Launch Carroll Committee and the Ambassador Committee) and and I served one term on the Board of Directors. (There’s no hidden meaning behind “used to be”… I became a first-time Mom shortly after COVID, and my extra curricular activities needed to cut back drastically.)

I’m naturally a homebody, but there are days I really miss “those days”. Networking was my way of “going out to the bar” and having a meaningful social life. And talking about meaningful social life… Leadership Carroll is one of the most sought after programs for professionals of Carroll County, MD.

When Mike McMullin asked if I would attend the kickoff retreat with the graduating class of 2024, I was ecstatic. I remembered our 2011 retreat fondly – there was much fun and learning all combined into a fun overnight at Bon Secours Retreat & Conference Center in Marriottsville, Maryland. Mike shared that he wanted to create photos to give prospective students a glimpse at what Leadership Carroll is all about. These photos would be used to promote the program to help spur applicants for future class years.

Just like in 2011, the day was filled with personality tests and fun get-to-know-you activities to bring this year’s class together as a group of friends. As you can see from a selection of the photos below, this is a valuable program to look into! (I purposely maintained the order of the photos from beginning to end too – you can see how the exercises broke the ice. The crowd goes from a little dreary looking to full on smiles and laughter. That’s a big element of what I loved about this program.)

This group of students will enjoy a year of activities, with roughly one full-day info-filled field trip per month. Along with leadership training, students will gain knowledge of the community, including a description of the problems, opportunities and issues facing our community. Learn more about the Leadership Carroll program here: https://www.carrollcountychamber.org/leadership-carroll/

You can see how capturing fly-on-the-wall photos of your events can help tell the story. This event looks not just valuable, but FUN! If I was unsure about pulling the trigger on this program, these photos would give me the confidence to move forward. Professional photography can do the same for your special events, activities, and in-house team development events. Please contact me any time to talk about your next special event and/or photo project.

Leadership Carroll is co-sponsored by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and Carroll Community College.