Personal Brand Photography


Personal Branding Photography is all about story telling. Visually and uniquely illustrating YOUR business, YOUR story, YOUR products, YOUR services, YOUR values, YOUR customers, YOUR space, and YOUR personality. Your personal brand is what sets you apart from the crowd, it’s what makes you unique and interesting. It’s kind of like commercial photography, but more focused on WHO makes your company special. It’s about illustrating an experience that only YOU can create for your audience.

When planning your personal branding photo shoot… describe the stories you want to share with your audience. Once you feel confident in your stories, break each of them down. Where will each story be located? What props will help to enhance your story? What scenes can you visualize within this story? Think different angles, different props, full-scene, details shots, and the like. These are your compositions, and each staged scene should provide the opportunity for dozens of shots!

Your Personal Branding Photos are your most valuable marketing asset… The strongest brands make the most money. Brands are easy to fall in love with when their visuals are beautiful, but you have to utilize those visuals to the max! My best clients use and reuse their photographs on their website, social media, Google My Business, print advertising, press, publication – ALL THINGS ONLINE AND PRINT. And every few years, add some new photos to the mix. I promise you, the ROI is incredible.


  • You will love working with me. You can read testimonial after testimonial about how easy it is to work with me! Customers often rave about FRIENDLINESS, COMFORT, and EASE.
  • We talk, plan, then talk some more. I am a stickler for details. The more preparation and planning we do in advance, the better your photo results. So we will talk a lot about all the details!
Personal Branding Photography by photographer Kelly Heck - Men's Coach Brian Begin with The Fearless Man

Personal Brand Photo Pricing

Most Personal Branding Photography customers spend $1,000.00 or more.

The BEST investments return over and over again. But like with most investments, you have to do the work. Yes, we have to plan your shoot and execute it… but you have to use your new photos incessantly and with strategy in mind. I highly recommend you join the KHP email newsletter where I share helpful marketing and photo prep tips!


Every photo service package is different. We will build your custom photography service to encompass the perfect number of sessions, the a comfortable amount of time, and the right number of final polished photographs.

Nikki D'Antoni Health & Fitness Coach of Central Maryland | Photo Credit: Kelly Heck Photography

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Personal Branding Photography by photographer Kelly Heck - Tierra Blooms & Nursery Flower CSA


From additional portraits per person to on-site review and group shots, we have you covered!

High Res Photos | $75.00 each

High Res photos are high quality and print-ready. They come with print and web usage release. High Res photos are also professionally retouched.

Tethered On-Site Review | $250.00

Tethering allows us to review image captures on-the-fly for on-site photo review. That way we can review as we go, see images full-screen on a laptop, and make sure no detail is missed.

1-Day Delivery | $75.00

Need to see your proofing gallery pronto? This add-on gets a proofing gallery in your hands next-day by 5:00 PM, guaranteed.

Brewery Fire of Taneytown Maryland - Craft Beer Brewery & Tasting Room | Kelly Heck Photography

Retainer Services


I offer retainer photo services to fit your exact needs. Together we plan and execute monthly, every other month, or quarterly photo sessions. And BONUS, if you plan to work with me quarterly, every-other-month, or monthly, I offer additional savings!

Committing to repeat photo sessions will ensure that you always have fresh content to engage your audience.

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