Meet “Miss Kim”, Dance Lover & Yoga Instructor

“Miss Kim”, aka Kimberly Golliday of Taneytown Dance Center, is a phenomenal dance teacher and nurturing role model to young dancers in our community. When she asked me back to photograph some of her new instructors, we decided to take a segment of her photo shoot to focus on her new offering, Yoga & Therapeutic Body Movement. (Sidenote: I have participated, and these classes are fantastic and challenging and great for all-level yoga enthusiasts – classes are held on Friday evenings.)

Kim had an exciting vision for a photo that could be converted into a logo. She hoped that we could incorporate vivid colors, a floral crown, and other elements that suit her personality and brand. The first image you see here was captured by adding smoke to the atmosphere and lighting the room’s background with colored lights. With a little added postproduction magic, we brought her vision to life!

Miss Kim Golliday, Yoga & Therapeutic Body Movement of Taneytown Dance Center | Kelly Heck Photography

Kim also wanted to highlight her space, and the comfort students should expect when entering her yoga studio. So we also photographed her in a variety of yoga poses, all composed within her space. Finally we captured a very approachable portrait of Miss Kim, your certified yoga instructor, highlighting one of her favorite sayings, visible on her garb!! I can’t look at these without a smile on my face!