Corporate Staff Headshots


Introduce your amazing team, strengthen your brand, and build a solid reputation online with team headshots. If I visit your website, I want to meet your team before we talk, meet, or commit to a purchase – and your audience does too!

Companies love my convenient Staff Headshot Sessions for the whole team. Web developers say that the key to an effective about webpage is consistent, high quality headshots of your team members. Plus, headshots can and should be used across your print and online marketing (i.e. social media platforms, email marketing, email signatures, print ads, etc.). Professional headshots send a powerful message to prospective customers, partners, and future employees.


  • Your team will love working with me. You can read testimonial after testimonial about how easy it is to work with me! KHP Customers often rave about FRIENDLINESS, COMFORT, and EASE.
  • My aim is consistency. A set of staff headshots should all have a similar look and feel. I will ensure the lighting, color, and angles all match, even if we vary the posing.
  • I arrive prepared. I keep helpful tools in my bag to help your team members look their best. That includes hair spray, oil blotting sheets, wardrobe clips (to gather bulky jackets), a hand mirror to help each person double-check details, and a lint brush for stray hairs and fuzzies.
  • Your team’s downtime is minimal. I bring the travel studio to you, because efficiency is key. Staff headshots can move swiftly. But I also make sure each team member feels satisfied with their portraits before they walk away.
  • Your staff will love their new headshots. Why? I pour love and attention into each and every final headshot you select. The touch-ups are subtle too, so your people will still look like themselves!

Whether you have only a few team members or 100+, set up can take place at your office to allow your team to stay on task.

Headshot Pricing

Mini Headshot services begin at $550.00.

4 People | $550.00 Flat Fee

KHP will recommend how much time to set aside for your unique headshot needs, as time-on-site can vary widely.

While KHP can often accommodate up to 50 or more participants in one day, for groups of 30 or more, we often recommend TWO photo dates to accommodate staff illnesses and personal holidays.

Set up and break down for headshot services both take about 30 minutes.

Add Team Members…

1 to 19 People$100.00 / pp
20 – 39 People$95.00 / pp
40 – 59 People$90.00 / pp
60 – 79 People$85.00 / pp
80 – 99 People$80.00 / pp
100+ People$75.00 / pp

Only have 1 or 2 participants?

Consider a full photo session catered specifically to your unique needs and style for $550.00. *Travel fees may apply.

Staff Headshots from MKS&H CPAs in Frederick and Timonium Maryland by Kelly Heck Photography

Ready to book your Team Headshots?

Contact me to book your session and start planning!

Cognitive Health Solutions of Hanover, PA | Staff Headshots by Kelly Heck Photography


From additional portraits per person to on-site review and group shots, we have you covered!

Additional Retouched Portraits | $75.00 each

Do you want more than one headshot per person retouched & delivered? This can be decided before or after, but some organizations plan 2 or more looks for their employees (i.e. a traditional portrait and a fun portrait).

Tethered On-Site Review | $250.00

Tethering allows us to review image captures on-the-fly for on-site photo review. That way we can review as we go, see images full-screen on a laptop, and make sure no detail is missed.

1-Day Delivery | $75.00

Need to see your proofing gallery pronto? This add-on gets a proofing gallery in your hands next-day by 5:00 PM, guaranteed.

Group Portraits


A regal team photo is priceless marketing collateral – post team portraits on your website banner, your about webpage, use it in print advertising, on your social media – anywhere where your audience can get to know you on a deeper level.

Most companies spring for our $550.00 creative team portrait session starter package. It includes a collection of 4 finished photo files with the option to purchase more. This package can be an add-on or a stand-alone service.

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