10 Reasons Your Company Needs Cohesive Staff Headshots

1. Headshots feature the real people behind your company. Companies that display ZERO photos of their team can often come off as distant and abstract. Showing the real people behind your business… through the use of staff headshots and team photos.. allows your clients to develop a trusting connection with your team before even meeting in person. 2. Give your … Read More

Headshots for Large Teams – From Planning to Completion

While most teams hover between 5 to 20 individuals, larger teams do need a bit more planning and attention. What does your typical headshot session look like from the beginning planning stages, through photo day, and on to final file delivery? Here I will walk you through my unique process at Kelly Heck Photography, and I will add helpful notes … Read More

Don’t be the Photo Client who Needs it Yesterday

The other day, I had a phone consult with an inquiry that was like many other conversations I have had… Client: “I need a headshot… do you have any openings today or tomorrow?” I have noticed a strong correlation between timeline and budget. That is, one’s budget is dramatically lower when the service or product is needed “yesterday“. When an … Read More

Hi Kelly, I want to buy a new camera… can you advise?

This is a repeat question I receive from friends and family, but it’s a hard one for me to answer. I work with professional camera bodies that alone cost several thousand dollars, and individual lenses that can each climb well above $1,000 each. Most likely, that is not the level of camera that you are in the market for! So … Read More

Why Some Headshots Fail & Others Succeed

As a professional, you need a headshot. A decent headshot may help get you get noticed. A professional quality headshot though, that might just help you be remembered. What impression do you want your headshot to have on… a potential employer… a possible partner… a colleague? A headshot taken by a professional puts you in an ideal position to stand … Read More

10 Ways to Boost the Impact of Your Video Marketing

“It’s not what you upload, it’s the strategy with which you upload.” This post is under the assumption that you HAVE or are about to produce a sweet promo video or marketing video of some kind. (If you are the later, check out my hubby’s fine video and animation work at www.adamstultz.com – we often collaborate on client projects!) You … Read More

3 Simple Secrets to Look Thinner & Happier in Your Photos

The biggest obstacle preventing you (and most people) from getting in the photos is… YOURSELF! But this is normal. Most adults prefer to hide from the camera. (And believe me, I have been in that place too.) But wouldn’t you prefer to love your portraits? To love your portraits so much that you… cannot wait to share them with the … Read More

How to “Stage a Story” for Your Next Personal Branding Photo Shoot

A personal branding photography session needs a little pre-planning for best results. And though professional portraiture is a MUST in your visual branding, a photo session like THIS it is not solely about portraiture. Many PBP customers book continuous photo shoots… quarterly, every-other-month, and even monthly. So developing fresh ideas is very important to building variety in your photography portfolio. … Read More

The Importance of Professional Photography & Branding for Your Business

Your audience wants to connect with YOU. Photography (and videography) are the best tools to foster that connection. And as business continues to move online, the importance of quality photography continues to skyrocket. Visual media makes a noticeable impact time and time again. Marketing your business with real, true photographs of you, your business, your team, your products, your services, … Read More

What is the “Rule of Thirds” and how I used it in every Photo Shoot

Many cameras and most smartphones offer the option to display a grid over your viewfinder, and for good reason. The “Rule of Thirds” is a golden rule for composition in photography, fine art, and graphic design. So what is “The Rule of Thirds” in photography? In photography, the rule of thirds is a method of composing the subjects in your photograph. The frame … Read More

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