Meet Sturgill & Associates, CPAs of Westminster, Maryland

Sturgill & Associates is a full-service Accounting firm with locations in MD and PA. As an affordable, experienced, and friendly team, they offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals.

Sturgill & Associates is one of my most loyal clients, and I was so touched when asked to return and to create something new for their team. Things are a little new at S&A too! 

As their team grows and changes over the years, I’ve been fortunate to return every couple years to serve their team. We used to design their headshots in a more traditional studio style (a marbled backdrop, 3-point lighting… the works!). But ready for a fresh look, we took the opportunity to meet at a beautiful park, Belle Grove Square, to redo the entire team’s headshots.

After I coached each S&A team member into flattering poses and bright smiles (a selection of their new headshots is featured here), we hiked back to their office in downtown Westminster, MD to set up a new team portrait. Afterwards we wrapped up their photoshoot with custom stock photos, making use of select team members and their office space, to create photo marketing collateral that will add a personal touch to their website.