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This directory is full of tips and direct-link resources, including:

  • FREE Online Community Calendars
  • POCs for Local Press & Publication
  • Local Business Resources
  • Local Business Organizations
  • Local Networking Groups, and...
  • an intro to: Search Engine Optimization

These resources will expand your reach and grow your business!

The FREE Business Resource Directory of Carroll County, MD

Photography Freebie - Camera Exposure Settings Explained by Kelly Heck Photography

Is your camera's manual setting leaving you puzzled?

This white paper goes over all three camera settings that make up your exposure:

  • Aperture (often referred to as F-Stop)
  • Shutter Speed, and
  • ISO (often referred to as Film Speed or Film Sensitivity)

Learn how these settings affect light input and the artistry of your every photograph! Plus, push your creativity by using Levels and Histograms to your advantage! This free guide is sure to improve your photos skills!

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Exposure Explained (PDF)

Personal Branding Photography Magazine

Interested in Personal Branding Photography?

KHP's Personal Branding Magazine will help you define your story brand and develop a series of photographs to share that story with your audience.

  • Find meaningful locations...
  • Incorporate the perfect props...
  • Select a slam-dunk outfit...
  • A self-quiz to help define your photo needs...
  • Tips to maximize your marketing potential...

Plus, this magazine is overflowing with beautiful examples from business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers. It is sure to get your creative and marketing juices flowing - just have a look - you'll be glad you did.

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Personal Branding Photography