When it’s Time to Update Your Corporate Portraits

Bad profile pics – we’ve seen them all! The “overhead puppy eyes” shot. The “I’ll just crop myself out of this photo with my ex” shot. The “I don’t like how I look so I’ll use this photo of me from really far away” shot. The “this photo is super old and pixelated” shot. And the “I’m uncomfortable in my own skin so I’ll make a silly face” shot.

But an expired professional portrait may have more subtle indicators of being overdue for an update. Time flies way faster than we realize, and with that, your professional portraits may fall out of date quicker than you had hoped. Some signs that you may be overdue for a photo update include:

  • You are using a low quality photo, like a cellphone selfie or a cropped group pic
  • Your current photo is more than a 2 years old
  • You have had some noticeable update to your look (e.g. lost or gained weight, significant change to your hair style or color, you started or stopped wearing glasses, etc.)
  • Your personal style has changed
  • You are targeting a different audience
  • You are launching a company or personal re-brand
  • You have upcoming marketing needs that require great imagery for campaigns on social media, press releases, and print
  • People are doing “double takes” when they comparer the real-life you to 2-dimensional-portrait-you.

An investment in yourself will ensure you have a winning portrait that both stands out and accurately portrays you as the awesome pro you are.

And the benefits of a professional photoshoot will astound you!

  • Build better connections faster
  • Have immediate access to beautiful marketing collateral
  • Be prepared for invitations for interviews and speaking engagements
  • Use your new portraits across all your feeds
  • Expect endorphins pumping through your veins, because the compliments are coming

The type of “professional portrait” appropriate for you will vary on the industry you serve and the story you wish to portray.

So don’t feel like you have to dress like the iconic business professional. While a lawyer, CPA, or business consultant may rock a 2 or 3 piece suit, your profession and style likely has more flexibility. A casual look, a uniform, even a costume may be appropriate for your new professional image.

Look to update your professional image?

Let’s work together! Give me a call or shoot me an email so we can brainstorm and plan your next photo shoot.

When it's Time to Update Your Corporate Portraits by Kelly Heck Photogtaphy