Happy Valentines Day

He’s just 5 weeks away guys!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my boys, and to you!

Work has slowed, and is now on the back-burner as we approach the finish line. You can expect things here at www.KellyHeckPhotography.com to be a little quiet for the coming months. But I’ll be back this Summer!

I got to spend my V-day with not just Adam and our bump going nuts (this little guy is a lively one), but we shared it with all of our minis’ grandparents too! I enjoyed a delicious lunch with Gram & Pop Pop (my parents), and dinner with Nanna and Pappy (Adam’s parents).

I hope you had a loving Valentine’s Day too, no matter who you spent it with!

Special thanks to my Mom – who I often hand my camera to! My Dad would have done a great job too, but this time he was just along for the winter walk.

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  • These are beautiful — you look fabulous!! Your world is going to change in such an amazing way; so happy for you and Adam!

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