The Importance of Professional Photography & Branding for Your Business

Your audience wants to connect with YOU. Photography (and videography) are the best tools to foster that connection. And as business continues to move online, the importance of quality photography continues to skyrocket.

Visual media makes a noticeable impact time and time again. Marketing your business with real, true photographs of you, your business, your team, your products, your services, your interests, your family, your values… strengthens your brand. Sharing a part of yourself fuels connection like nothing else. And an audience that easily connects with you will trust and support you.

Behind-The-Scenes on a photo shoot with Kelly Heck Photography
Behind-The-Scenes with Kelly Heck Photography: Time and time again, my posts of self-portraits and behind-the-scenes photos receive more views, likes, comments, and shares than anything else I post.

A strong brand… builds trust… and drives sales… that’s the ROI on resources like pro photography.
Do you prefer hard facts? I do too – statistics on the effectiveness of marketing with custom photography are super encouraging! You have probably stumbled across brands that are doing this right, from small local businesses to large franchises. Their marketing is full of personable lingo paired with photographs and other engaging visual media. Audiences are instantly hooked.

So what is personal branding photography?

Personal Branding Photography is a suite of professional images that represent your business visually, and fit with your visual identity through their use of colors, tone, props, sets and more. These can include photos of you, your team, your products, your process, your space and other things that make your business unique.

Brand photos illustrate your story.

Personal Branding Photos by Kelly Heck Photography

Now is the time to begin sharing a little bit of yourself. You may decide to take your own photos, or you may decide to hire a professional. Whether you are feeling camera-shy or ready to conquer your next photo shoot – here on my blog, I shared lots of tips on how to look your best in photos (and more helpful tips are yet to come). These tips have given some of my clients the confidence they need to try this new thing, and I hope it will do the same for you! You will soon see what a powerful tool personal branding photography can be!

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The Importance of Professional Photography & Branding for Your Business with Kelly Heck Photography

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