The Phenomenal Branding Value of a Friendly, Engaging Headshot

GUEST BLOG by Sylvia Blair

Owner, Blair Copywriting and Communications, LLC

When I was searching for a photographer to take a headshot of me for my business card and other marketing materials, I decided to work with Kelly Heck Photography.

I was looking for something very specific in my headshot. Instead of a formal photo that lacks facial expression, I envisioned a headshot that made me look friendly and engaging. Why is that? The vibe which I needed to convey was one of approachability.

You see, in my line of work as a writer, editor, and publicity specialist, I want potential clients to feel comfortable working with me. In this online world in which business is often carried out remotely, I needto convey in a static image that I am someone who clients can get to know and trust.

So, when I contacted Kelly to set up my headshot, she already knew what my goals were. That’s because she has much experience in taking headshots and she knows their value in branding a business. She quickly created an approach to taking the picture which worked well for me.

Let me give you an idea of how the photo shoot went. Kelly set up a backdrop which complemented what I was wearing and which was appropriate for a business headshot. Immediately, I felt comfortable with Kelly because she gently explained to me in advance how she thought I should pose. When I was seated, Kelly helped me to remain comfortable as she snapped many shots. When I was standing, she helped me to position myself in a complementary manner to get the best shot. At the end, Kelly had many choices of poses to share, which she would later crop into a professional headshot.

The importance of a great headshot cannot be overstated. My business card is the first impression I make when I go to a networking meeting and meet new individuals. I like to think that the reason everyone I meet accepts my business card is because Kelly’s photographic skills are so aligned with my need for a friendly, engaging photo.

Kelly, thank you for your wisdom, talent, and technical proficiency when it comes to taking headshots. Your photo of me has helped immensely in the branding of my business.

Sylvia Blair is a professional copywriter located in Central Maryland with experience in completing all forms of writing projects: Website Copy, Social Media Content, Press Releases, Publicity Material, Marketing Collateral, Speeches, and Event Scripts.

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