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Last month we talked all about capturing a genuine smile and several tips on head positioning, today we’re going to zoom out and talk about the full figure from head to toe.

The camera adds 10 pounds they say… I think it adds more like 30 pounds. Let’s figure out how to shave off some of that unwelcomed fake-weight.


Want to get a FREE, no-surgery-required tummy tuck? The “Torso Turn & Twist” is sure to shave off pounds! Face your whole body about 45 to 90 degrees away from the camera, then turn your shoulders back towards the camera.

This angle gives us a slight side-view of your tummy, while keeping your shoulders a little more square to the camera, giving an hourglass effect. And the twist tightens the torso!

Ladies, you can optionally sink your weight to your back leg to give your figure a feminine S-Curve, for the Gents, you can stay even-weighted or shift the weight a little (just don’t get too curvy). And, don’t forget that while you are doing all this head-to-toe stuff, you still need to apply the same Head Positioning techniques we talked about last month, which you can CLICK HERE to read. Oh, and it never hurts to suck in a little on the count of 3. 😉

The Hands.

Not sure what to do with your hands? The worst thing you can do is hold them in front of you. Sorry to get a little raw here, but it creates a bullseye right to your crotch. So let’s not do that.

Hand placement for the Ladies only first. One or both hands on hips looks lovely. If just one, it’s usually the front hand up, back arm hanging. Hand placement on the hip should be higher at your inner-most hour glass, not low on the hip bone, and pull your elbow back. Your hand will cinch your waist, helping you appear thinner, while your elbow back will help to slightly trim up your arm. And, don’t forget that little tummy tucking twist! Obviously you can do other hand positions, but this is a good starting point. If one or both arms are hanging down, place your hands on your legs, bend at the arm and cinch the elbows back ever so slightly (can I get more cowbell… I mean, hourglass?).

For men AND women…

Hands always look great in your pockets. Ladies, you look great with fingers out, thumbs in. Gents, you look great with fingers in, thumbs out. Pocket placement helps to relax your arms and give a more casual appearance overall.

Crossing the arms looks great too, and gives an “I’M IN CHARGE” sort of feel! Ladies, fingers out. Men, close your hands and use your knuckles behind your biceps to beef up your arms a little extra.

If you’re sitting, try asymmetrical posing. Lean in close, let the arms cross, either over a chair arm, or over your own knees. Ladies, you can bring one hand up to your neck or chin, and tilt your knuckles back towards you’re forearm. Gents, wrists straight, sometimes even a lightly closed fist looks great, and you can also cross arms, or prop one hand up on the back thigh if you’re sitting on steps or the edge of a short seat.

If your hands are going to be interlocked in front of you, or you are holding hands with a loved one, interlocking the fingers looks a bit odd. Instead, place one hand on top of the other or within the other. If it’s just you in the shot, ladies look great with hands resting on top of each other, men can do the same or you can wrap a light fist with the other palm. And if you are posing with a special someone, wrap your arm or arms around your sweetheart instead!

The Posture.

Some photo posing involves bad posture purposefully, but that’s usually just when seated, and I personally think it’s also just for the ladies. When standing, pristine posture is a MUST. Standing tall, always with a straight back, elongates the body and makes you appear more energetic.

Having trouble with your posture? Try squeezing your shoulder blades together, even visualize squeezing an orange between your shoulder blades. This technique will square your shoulders, lift your torso (lifting also tightens everything, ooo-la-laaa!), and elongates your body.

The Legs & Feet.

Ladies, when standing, you can be a bit more dainty than the guys. A little cross of your legs can be cute. You can also lift the weight off that front foot to touch the ball of your foot or tip of your toe to the ground. Positioning of your feet looks great when you bring your heels together, or if on your toe. bring your toe to your back heel.

For the Gents, I would suggest standing fairly straight, but you can also play with the cross leg as long as you have a little bend at the knee.

(Have mercy I’m going off topic… don’t bring tennis shoes to a photo shoot. We’ll talk more about shoes and other attire in a future tip.)


Girls! While you’re at it with the tummy-tucking and waist cinching, kick out that booty by exaggerating the curve of your lower back. Even more lovely S-Curve beauty and more tummy tightening. We love showing off lady-curves.


These are some guidelines to follow. There are obviously endless options for posing, but we can’t possibly remember them all in a fleeting moment as cameras get whipped out. Find yourself a full length mirror, and practice a few of these techniques, figure out what angles are best for you, and what side (left or right?) you like best as well!

Do you have any other tricks that work for you?
Please share your personal advice in the comments!



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