Ignite Carroll 2017 – Posing Dos & Don’ts: A Photographer’s Selfie Guide to Hiding 10-20 Pounds

I presented to a live audience a couple months ago!! This being my second appearance at Ignite Carroll, I decided to talk about a topic we can all appreciate: how to look your best in photographs. And I don’t think I disappointed my audience! I gave several bits of advice that the audience could apply to every day photo ops, and ended with two quick posting practices… one for the ladies and one for the men. Being on stage, it can be very hard or impossible to see the audience because of the stage lights. But my dear friend Tiombe, standing all they way in the back, noted that the entire audience moved in a wave following my posing direction! I wish I could see a video of that, but we will all just have to imagine it.

This presentation started my first newsletter series, “How To Look Your Best In Photographs”, a series you can find here on my website.

I received such great feedback from this 5-minute presentation, that I wondered what the *heck* I had been waiting for. Let’s share!! Realizing today that I had not yet posted this Ignite Carroll 2017 video, my presentation on “Posing Dos & Don’ts: A Photographer’s Selfie Guide to Hiding 10-20 Pounds“, here it is… a bit late, but the tips never expire. Enjoy!!


What’s Ignite Carroll?

The IGNITE concept puts multiple speakers in front of a live audience.

With only 5 minutes to dazzle, speakers are limited to a power-point presentation that auto advances every 15 seconds.

Learn more at: https://carrolltechcouncil.org/ignite/

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