Ignite Carroll 2015 – The History, Health Benefits, and How-To of Juggling

I presented to a live audience at Ignite Carroll this past week for the first time!! I chose a topic of personal enjoyment instead of career boosting (yes I know, I’m crazy)… and would you believe I spoke about The History, Health Benefits, and How-To of Juggling. YES, I JUGGLE! And not only was I one of many speakers – I opened the show! Those recording the show, the COmmunity Media Center, were so very accommodating – because of my unusual topic, I could not stand at the podium microphone. So they hooked me up with a wireless microphone.

*Fast-forward to 7:52 to jump to Kelly Heck’s presentation.


NEWS EXCERPT: Kelly Heck, a photographer and Web designer with an enthusiasm for juggling, opened Thursday’s show. Heck explained the basics of juggling, beginning with only one ball, building up to the cascade pattern. “Fortunately I can tell you that three balls is just as easy as two, but unfortunately it doesn’t stop,” Heck said.Heck recommended that beginners juggle something that can be easily held in the palm of the hand and keep throws within sight because juggling requires the use of peripheral vision. “I have seen people learn how to juggle in five minutes,” she said.

Check out the remainder of the press coverage of this year’s Ignite Carroll on the Baltimore Sun!


What’s Ignite Carroll?

The IGNITE concept puts multiple speakers in front of a live audience.

With only 5 minutes to dazzle, speakers are limited to a power-point presentation that auto advances every 15 seconds.

Learn more at: https://carrolltechcouncil.org/ignite/