10 Reasons Your Company Needs Cohesive Staff Headshots

1. Headshots feature the real people behind your company.

Companies that display ZERO photos of their team can often come off as distant and abstract. Showing the real people behind your business… through the use of staff headshots and team photos.. allows your clients to develop a trusting connection with your team before even meeting in person.

2. Give your visitors a chance to truly “Meet The Team”.

The style of your headshots can totally convey the character of your team and the vibe of your office. Should the team dress in full business attire, and Friday casual style? Should expressions be fun, silly, or serious? Should the overall compositions and pose options feel more uniform and fluid? All these factors help tell your website visitors a story build their connection to you.

3. Headshots keep the company personality on brand.

The cohesiveness of your team’s headshots should match up with your company branding. While the way each team member is photographed can vary, the full collection of headshots should all carry a similar “feel” to bring the team together. Uniform headshots shows your staff that they belong to something bigger, and it shows your clients that your team and company are strong, consistent, and trust worthy.

4. Manage staff changes more easily with Individual Headshots.

Naturally, many businesses have turnover, and staff is expected come and go over the years. That’s why individual headshots are so important. Having professional photographer in your back pocket makes it is easy to create headshots for the new faces (and for you to remove those that have moved on). A professional photographer will ensure that all onboarding team members look fantastic and that their headshots match up with the rest of the team.

5. Headshots are great visual content for Social Media.

Headshots are a fun way to not only introduce your team to your audience, but to share your staff stories and successes. Welcome new members, birthday shout outs, promotions, and all the other worthy news an announcements that you can think of… it’s always wonderful to put a face with the name.

6. Headshots make stronger connections.

Your staff can use their professional headshots on their own social profiles… LinkedIn being the most popular professional network. A study in 2020 stated that 3.2 billion photos are uploaded to social websites EVERY DAY. That’s a lot of competition if you have a poor quality portrait that isn’t eye-catching. A great portrait will grab attention among all the noise online.

7. Headshots prepare you for opportunity.

Opportunity is knocking… are you ready?

If you as a company need to send out a press release, do you have awesome portraits of your staff to include? Press releases with photo(s) and/or multimedia receive 40% more views than text-only releases.

Or maybe one of your employees wants take advantage of a Guest Speaking opportunity. Whether that opportunity is an in-person event, a webinar, or a podcast spot, that upcoming event needs marketing collateral, including a portrait of the speaker.

Ensure your team is ready for all opportunities by securing their headshot.

8. Headshots make internal communications more familiar.

As companies continue to shift towards remote working environments, employees are going to have a harder time putting faces to names. Quality headshots will help your staff feel more connected with each other and avoid any awkwardness, especially when meeting new team members.

9. Headshots act as a recruitment tool.

Attract the employees your company desires. Showcasing your awesome team with cohesive portraits and on-band bios will encourage like-minded people to apply. Potential applicants can better assess if the company is a good match for them, and if the staff is (or is not) diverse in terms of age, gender, ethnicity.

10. Photo day can be a fun team bonding activity.

A headshot day can be a bonding experience for employees (whether they love or hate photo days). And it gives team members who work remotely the chance to catch-up with colleagues that they don’t get to see so often.

Your photo day doesn’t have to be limited to just headshots… posing together for group photos and action shots is both a fun experience and allows your company to create high-quality unique marketing collateral. 

And if you want to get even more personal, team headshots encourage improved morale, increased social interactions, compliments, and that boost opens your staff up to taking more calculated risks and challenges. 

Who can companies hire in the Maryland area for Staff Headshots?

I at Kelly Heck Photography would LOVE to work with you and your team. Give me a call or fill out my inquiry form to get the conversation started. And learn about our unique process for Headshots for Large Teams – From Planning to Completion at KHP!

10 Reason Your Company Needs Cohesive Staff Headshots by Kelly Heck Photography