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Personal Photography Projects

From time to time I do delve into personal projects, or I simply set out into the world to photograph nature and wildlife. It's fun to just hunt for something interesting and find a way to turn it into a beautiful composition with just the right angle and lighting. I'd like to share a selection of personal work with you that I created in college and personally.





PROJECT TITLE: Bird Series: It's Not Because I'm Beautiful

PROJECT DATE: 2006 - 2008, SCAD

My bird series became a body of work meant to teach the viewers to appreciate rarity and uniqueness over beauty. To accompany this body of work, I wrote a poem and a statement, which are both very important in viewing and understanding the work. All images were shot traditionally via two medium format film cameras: the Mamiya RB67 and the Mamiya RZ67.

"It's Not Because I'm Beautiful" won College Photographer of the Year in 2007 (CPOY) and won Second Place in the PDNedu Photo Competition and was published in PDNedu Magazine. "Red Bellied Woodpecker" (pictured below, center) was featured on the cover of Silverworks, a student photography publication produced by Savannah College of Art and Design. I showcased "It's Not Because I'm Beautiful" at a solo show at TruSpace (now Desoto Row) in Savannah, GA, in 2008.

BIRD SERIES: Poem "It's Not Because I'm Beautiful" + Artist Statement (PDF)



PROJECT TITLE: Phobia Series


My phobia series began as a portraiture assignment and turned into a full series project with the purpose of illustrating phobias in ridiculously unlikely real-life scenarios. Each image involved pretty intricate planing, lighting, and many volunteers and fantastic models! This project was shot half in my school town (Savannah, Georgia) and half in my home town (Taneytown, Maryland). Some was shot digitally, and others were shot traditionally via a medium format film on a Mamiya RB67. All were edited and printed digitally.



PROJECT TITLE: Snow Series: Beautiful Silence

PROJECT DATE: 2010, Personal

My snow series began from a little backyard photo adventure to pass time during a snow-in. I stomped noisily through the woods and through an icy creek and up into a field to find a huge flock of geese. Boredom must have been what led me to chase them, then before me was a beautiful landscape, with hundreds of geese flying overhead. I snapped away. 

Out of breath, I found a fallen tree, sat, and had a moment to cool down. I began hearing the tick tap tick tap of snow tapping on the ground. In the treeline, I was far enough from the road, from home, and away from wind, that the snow tapping was the only sound I could hear. It was so peaceful. Days later, I began looking for new photo compositions to revisit during snowfall and I pursued serene scenes for at least a couple years.

Snowfall provides somewhat of a clean canvas, and covers distracting background and texture. I love the snow series because the layers are so simplistic, something that can be hard to capture in a landscape photograph.

I showcased "Beautiful Silence" at a solo show at The Delaplaine in Frederick, MD, in 2012.

SNOW SERIES: Beautiful Silence Artist Statement (PDF)



Miscellaneous Wildlife + Nature + Travel Favorites

DATE: 2006 - Current

I don't do it enough, but included in this portfolio are some faves of my miscellaneous adventures over the years! Enjoy!