Kelly Heck Photography | What To Wear

What to Wear Guide

It's important that you maintain your style, and to BE YOU!

But sometimes it's nice to have a little guidance on how to pair clothing choices harmoniously. 

Wear something that makes you feel...


Should your style be laid back and comfy, professional, fancy?


Selecting a Color Palette

Once you settle on the theme of your sitting, it's time to think about your Color Palette. If there are multiple people in your session, it is good to pick a small set of complimentary colors that work harmoniously together. But don't try to match, or try to make sure everyone is wearing the same set of colors. There are many fun websites that help create color palettes, such as

Go for a Timeless Look

Try to stick with a timeless, classic look, avoiding pieces that may be trending. Picking clothing styles that are simple and classy will help keep your photos looking up-to-date for years to come. Simplicity also keeps the focus on you!

Patterns, Stripes, and Polka-Dots

Just like vibrant colors and fun accessories, patterns can be fun but should be incorporated lightly.

Layers Create Variety

Layers can be incredibly fun, allowing you to combine colors, patterns, and textures. Contrast between your layers will create visual interest. Layers also make it easier for you to change your look on the fly, especially if we are shooting outdoors where privacy is lacking.


Accessories Galore

Don't be shy to bring lots of fun accessories. Just like props, accessories can add extra pops of color and can make your images much more engaging. Consider bringing jewelry, hats, headbands, scarves, flowers, outerwear, and shoe choices. We certainly don't want to over-do accessories, but having various options will help us bring little hints of your personality and taste into your images.

The Shoes

Shoes can make a huge impact in the feel of your images. Boots, flats, dress shoes... they are all fun! But do make sure to bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes, because often times we will do some walking to photograph in different locations. *Avoid tennis shoes and bright white socks.


Please ask...

if you are feeling unsure, please ask! If you have questions or would like my opinion, I am more than happy to help.



Other little details to consider so you look your BEST...

Avoid Logos, Graphics, Characters, and Labels...

.. can distract from the professional look of your images.

Do not dye or cut your hair just before a session...

... just in case tragedy strikes, make sure you have enough time between your saloon appointment and your photo sitting to correct any mistakes. It's suggested that you give about one week's time to allow your hair to grow a bit, giving it a more natural look.

Also, prepare in case we have a windy day... bring headbands and other hair accessories in case we decide hair-up would be best.

Avoid sunburn and tan lines...

... wear cover ups and suntan lotion while on vacation if you have a photo session scheduled soon after your return, and be cautious of long yard work days too!

Transition lenses...

... will transition as we photograph outdoors. If you wear glasses and would like to wear them for your session, bring a pare that do not transition to shaded glasses if possible.

Nourish your skin with moisturizer...

... tend to any skin that will be bare. The last thing we want to show off in your images is dry skin!


Do not wear a hat before your session...

... as it may flatten your hair or leave indentations in your skin.

For younger children...

... you may want to consider bringing something they love along for the shoot, even bribes to help our youngest ones play along. Just be careful that it is not something that may cause tears if we decide to take it out for some pictures, and make sure it's not a goodie that will make a mess or stain their lip and teeth.

... bring them clean and bring extra wipes!

... hide those diapers! Tuck them in or bring bloomers to cover up.

... avoid colorful drinks or candies at least 24 hours before your sitting.

NO nail polish is better than CHIPPED nail polish...

... so remove or repaint your nail color. And it's ok to go with something bold or neutral, but tie your color choice into your color palette.

Facial hair...

... should be freshly shaved. Use a new razor and shaving cream and an after-shave lotion to avoid bumps and redness. Trim your beard, sideburns, and moutache or goatee to eliminate stray hairs.