Brewery Fire – the first brewery to open in Carroll County in 8 YEARS

Taneytown Maryland is bustling with a new hot spot – a nerdy pop-culture styled microbrewery, Brewery Fire.

Since opening 10-ish weeks ago, after a 2+ year process of (fighting) to open their doors, owners Dave and Jesse have created a gem of an experience. Always something new on tap, these passionate brewers have the freedom to experiment with unique ingredients to design brews that you can’t find anywhere else. Since opening, they have created about 24 varying brews, while 8 are always on tap ready to serve to patrons.

Brewery Fire of Taneytown Maryland - Craft Beer Brewery & Tasting Room | Kelly Heck Photography

Brewery Fire has something for everyone… light brews, english brews, stouts, even cider. And though they do not serve food, you can order from Thunderhead Bowl, or Saturday visiting Food Trucks which vary from week to week. I also highly recommend ordering delivery from No Anchovies, a pizza shop just on the other side of town. They host all kinds of activities, crafty workshops, and trivia, among other fun and unique events to bring the community together.

And to put it short, Dave and Jesse are just awesome guys. We are so lucky to have them in our community and I hope to see you there with a satisfying brew in your hand!

More breweries will be opening in the next few years – and they bring many benefits to the community. Not only does it give us more great places to spend time with friends, but they create “waste” that is compostable and can be given to livestock as feed. So actually, they are a very LOW waste business!

I made sure to snap a few “Behind-The-Scenes” shots, and my Brew Beauty Shot lighting strategy. I knew I wanted to do a 5-light set up with varying light strengths, modifiers, and colored gels, to enhance their glassware and colorful brews. A light to hid the background with an orange gel, to tie in their company color and warm the space, a back light hitting the brews (like a spot light) to illuminate the color of the semi-translucent beers, a light to each side (left and right) to highlight the shape of the glassware, and a light in the front to bring light to all the remaining important details.

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