My First Venture into Online Courses

Since the end of 2018, I’ve been slaving away (and procrastinating… then slaving away again) at my first online course in partnership with a friend and colleague, Carolyn (I’ll introduce her at a later date). My regular “marketing” has been suffering because of this new venture (though this may just be a convenient excuse for slacking).

This first attempt at developing a comprehensive online course has been a taxing project… and honesty… exciting! I have a love / hate relationship with new things… I hate change (don’t we all), but I so so so appreciate and value the opportunity to learn something new and grow a new skill set. Detour to another topic… from about mid-2014 to mid-2017 I learned the depths of QuickBooks Pro, like, seriously complex stuff. It was horrible AND wonderful. Now, even though I don’t need to use Quickbooks for anything at this time, I would feel pretty Boss-Lady-ish if I ever had to jump into that software again.

Back to the online course experience… I have learned a lot in this process. I’ve learned about an online platform made just for online courses. I’ve learned how to do screen recordings and mix in audio. And best of all, I’ve learned again and again that this *new*new thing” isn’t all that bad once you decide to commit and just DO IT.

I’ll be featuring the online course on my website and in some marketing later this fall… my audience is not our main target – it’s Carolyn’s audience we are building this course for. But right now, it is out to about 30 guest students for review and feedback over the next month, with the hopes that we’ll have all ready to go live to the public after any necessary tweaks! And this course might lead to another in partnership with Carolyn. But maybe… just maybe…

I’m excited that I decided to try something new – and there is plenty more work still to chug through, but I might have developed a new bug for Online Courses. What do you want to learn from me? Something new? Or something I’ve already taught, but with more depth, demonstrations, and other helpful resources? Let me know by leaving your comment below!

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