I freaking got married!!!

Thinking it might be time I share some personal life updates and tell you guys how things have been.

2020 has had it’s ups and downs for all of us Earthlings, but nothing messed with Adam & I getting hitched this past September!


Guys, we freaking got MARRIED!


Kelly Heck Photographer and Adam Stultz Videographer get married in Taneytown, Maryland
© Sarah Wockenfuss Photography


We had a perfect day: bright blue skies – 70° F – foliage still in full lush green color.

The guest list… besides Adam + I… included his parents (Richard & Suzanne) and my parents (Douglas & Susan). That’s it.

The vendors…

This is the first time I am blogging another photographer’s work – all credit goes to Sarah. She is absolutely fantastic, friendly, local, and I’ve been following her for years. In fact, the past two years were were both runners up for Carroll’s Best Photographer (years of 2019 and 2020). Check out a little sneak peek into our intimate backyard wedding in the woods of Taneytown, Maryland…

We (myself, my mom, and parents) took a lot of pictures too, and Adam + I still need to do something with Ian’s incredible video footage! The tintypes, of which I commissions 10 portraits, are all framed by Gizmos Art and ready to hang in our home. John and his wife Christine took individual tintype headshots of Adam + I and each of our parents, couples portraits, and a group portrait. He gifted us a test shot tintype of Richard’s 1920’s Ford Model T (aka: “Lizzie”).

The evening was polished off with a homemade crab cake dinner and cake served at Georges On York Bed & Breakfast!

And though unnecessary, to celebrate we invited our immediate family on a vacation to Waves, NC in the Outer Banks and had a wonderful time! In addition to our parents, most of our siblings and their significant others / families were able to join in on the late summer beach fun!

We are married,
and though life is exactly the same,
things just seem easier.

We are both in this together till the end.

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