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Giving My Nieces An Artistic Experience

July 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My little nieces have been visiting for much of the month of June and July. We don't get to see them super often, so maximizing our visiting time and incorporating memorable activities is really important to our family. And what children don't love creating art? We've been drawing almost every day, and I thought about a big canvas I've had forever, unpainted with no plan. So I told my sister to bring the finger paints, and we had a big painting activity on the kitchen floor.

Watching was even more fun probably than doing... both girls have their own unique approach. Willow, the eldest, is very organized and clean, precise in her brush strokes. Josie, the youngest, is more like a painting beast... painting and mixing and globbing paint at her little hearts content... both on the canvas and on herself!

↑ THIS is the most adorable application of overalls!! ↑


↑ Pop Pop lends a hand, the girls can't reach the center! ↑


↑ And Josie goes OFF Canvas ↑


↑ PURE JOY for all that was accomplished! ↑


BEHOLD - the Finished Painting and the Artists!

↑ And the FINAL Painting from the Masters ↑

These are the cute moments I love to capture!!


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