Photographer Education with Facebook LIVE | Circular Polarizing Filter In Action

August 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Check out my latest educational video all about (circular) Polarizing Filters and how they can enhance your photographs when challenged with glare on objects or water and/or bright skies. I take you through three examples in my home and yard, starting with glare on wood molding, followed by glare on water (my fish pond) and darkening blue skies.

This video is a bit fumbled, trying to deal with phone, camera, and rotating the filter, so please forgive the out-of-focus moments and such! And oh yeah, didn't realize it was sideways till after I posted, and you can't rotate these after (I would have redone it if it was a video, but being Facebook LIVE it was already public)! You will get the gist from the video for sure, even with my silly mistakes and fumbles. If you've been thinking about buying this filter, you shouldn't drag your feet like I did, they are amazing!



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