Gel Colors allow Photographers to make backdrops all colors of the rainbow...

December 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I finally completed the tedious task of photographing a few of my backdrops with all of my colored gels. Squeeee, it's so fun to see all the colors we can create! These photos represent 20 different colored gels on 3 different backdrops (blue cloth w/ texture, gray seamless, and white seamless), bracketing 3-4 shots with each individual color (which means varying the exposure from darker to medium to lighter)... this combination allowed me to create over 200 color options!! You can combine gels, play with your exposure, and continue to come up with limitless options.

So the options truly are endless!

Scroll down to see a selection of these gel examples.

I've saved each image with notes about which backdrop and which gel I used, so now you and my clients can pick YOUR favorite color at - there are over 200 options!!!

Isn't it totally amazing and beautiful!!


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